Wrong right

It's Wrong, But Right.

Advertising your company is fun. You love it! I love it! I love looking at ads, especially if they’re unique.

Think about it. We see ads everywhere (and I mean everywhere)! In a magazine or normal publication, they all look the same.
All bunched up together on one page or spread between article after article. Publishers work hard to find different ways to present business ads where they look special or different, but it’s no use. In fact, an ad is an ad is an ad is an ad is an ad, etc.

And then you see it! An ad that’s done wrong. It’s upside down on the page. Whoa! If you’re OCD, you immediately call the publisher or business owner and let them know, right? If you’re not so OCD, maybe you just turn the page upside down to read the contents of the ad. After all, it caught your attention. And you can’t help yourself either because you want to know who to feel sorry for.

Sadly, we love to see something wrong before we ever see it right. Hence, companies spell their names all-in lower-case letters these days. It looks wrong but it’s right. (eBay, adidas, butter’dudder Premium Ice Cream) Hmm….

We’re constantly designing eye-catching logos and ads that will never be seen. But turning one upside down in a stale printed magazine (if it gets read) is a sure-fire way to capture attention!

Sometimes when it’s wrong, it’s right.

- Sharon Hooper Givens