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Sharon's Business Solutions

Meet Sharon Hooper Givens and Liway Aldridge, two professionals who love to help business owners succeed!

Whether it’s calling your customers, sending them emails, and/or managing your social media,  all of our clients enjoy continued success after working with us.  You get two people who will help you and your company meet and surpass your goals!

When you want everyone to know about you, and what your company does, call us for assistance and get a fresh perspective!
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Sharon Hooper Givens

I started Sharon's Business Solutions because I grew tired of selling print advertising space to business owners like a one size fits all. Countless dollars are spent on trying to “get the word out,” but companies never reach their target market. I believe every business and its owner has a unique personality and culture; so, that means their products and services should be marketed that way.

I'm here and dedicated to helping you save money, develop new business and gain customer loyalty. Your satisfaction and growth are my top priority!

- Sharon
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Meet Liway Aldridge

Liway is an artist and beginning her career at Sharon's Business Solutions as our graphic designer.

She graduated with honors from Hiram High School, where she studied film, art and graphic design. She is now preparing for college.

In her free time, Liway reads and writes fiction. She is a very talented painter and practices both traditional and mixed art forms.

Liways' favorite saying is, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times is better than a master of one." - William Shakespeare

Our Goal Is To Help You Get The Word Out!

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The Time Is Now

If you're experiencing any of these challenges,
it's time to have a discussion:

Poor Cash Flow
Loss Of Customers

Stagnant Sales
Low Employee Morale
Partner Disputes
Ineffective Marketing
Declining Margins
Missed Forecasts
Staff Turnover
Difficulty Obtaining Financing
Not Sure How To Expand 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step?
The first step is to reach out and call or email us for a time to meet.

How are we different?
Liway and I take the time to understand your unique situations and pain points.  We develop solutions tailored to your specific and individual problems.

How much are our services?
Your project will be unique to you and what services you need.  Rest assured our prices are affordable and often less than other companies.  After our first meeting, we can give you a quote that fits your budget.  

What kind of industries do we specialize in?
We specialize in startups, small and medium sized businesses in all industries.

How you should expect to see results from our services.
Based upon your current situation, your goals, your cooperation, and available resources, we will establish short and long-term goals.  With a steadfast plan of action, hopefully you get immediate results.

Do you ever invest in your clients?
Yes. On occasion, we will consider taking an equity stake in our client's company. We can also help you secure outside funding if necessary.

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It's Time To Get The Word Out!

Reach out today.
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