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Tim Or Tom?

You wouldn’t think much, would you, if one letter in a word is not spelled right. Like, if you saw the word Tim and it should have been Tom, would that be such a big deal? I think it is, and here’s why.

I helped a small catering company this weekend who was trying to sell her pastries at an event called Hocus Pocus. The brochure for the event said it was being held at Tim Pittman Park in Aragon. I asked my GPS for directions to Tim Pittman Park in Aragon, and it gave me directions to Pittman Park in South Fulton, which is 30 miles from Aragon. Because I live locally, I knew that Aragon was nowhere near South Fulton. What if you don’t live local? You may have ended up driving to South Fulton to Pittman Park – where there was no Hocus Pocus event.

I made it to Aragon to find that Tim Pittman Park is Tom Pittman Park. One letter off made all the difference in the world. Or at least it did for my catering friend – who stayed up all night to cook the cupcakes that didn’t sell since everyone went to Pittman Park in South Fulton.

I spell words wrong all day! Thank goodness for spell checker. Or should I thank the spell checker? I don’t know. I’m having mixed feelings since I see how easy it is to overlook our errors because we rely on technology to do the hard work.

Who’s to say because the park’s name was spelled wrong it caused the slow turnout of people to the event? After all, there were little league ball games and other festivals throughout the counties. But I kept thinking if the park name had just been spelled right, then maybe more people would have tasted my caterer’s delicious spread of desserts!

Will we ever? No.

- Sharon Hooper Givens