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Why the Fear of Using Startups?

Without our start-ups and small businesses, our world would stagnate. Stagnate: Cease developing; become inactive or dull.

But for some reason, there are people who view startup businesses and smaller led companies like they’re not as good as their larger counterparts. I don’t think that’s true.

In fact, when you choose to do business with a baby startup or small business owner, you get better products or services. You’re also more appreciated because they’re happy you chose to use their services over another. You get a fresh and eager entrepreneur who can provide you with an updated perspective to solving old problems (not to mention newer technology).

This idea that a company must be in business for 100 years before they can give customers good products or services is ridiculous.
I think “new” is good. And not to discredit the tried and true, but to realize how valuable our new businesses are.

I’m reminded of this story every time I think about people who are afraid to try products or services of a baby business. I took a course in Human Resources when I was in college. One day my psychology professor talked about performance reviews. I remember this guy who stood up in class and here’s exactly what he said, “I’ve been at my company so long that I just walk in and sign my name on the dotted line for my performance review.” I was thinking, how sad. My professor said to him, “That’s probably not something you really want to brag about.” I agree.

So, if you’re wondering whether to use that startup or small business, just do it! You need that energy. It’ll be just like having a new baby! Exciting and full of fresh possibilities!

- Sharon Hooper Givens